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»We do not have to give up yet«


Photography: Simon Gallus

Germany inaugurates the world championship by an own goal. Fortunately the own goal happened just at the very first minute, fortunately not at the football pitch, but solely at the prints. Fortunately it concerns only the logo. Fortunately you can recall it.

Where do we take the right from to intervene?
A world championship is for everybody. A world championship is more than sportive event. It means world’s culture. A huge emotion. A world festival. America will dance with the ball, Africa will enchant the spectators, Asia will fight as a tiger, and Europe, home of football, will fill everybody with enthusiasm, hopefully. The world championship in 2006 deserves something better than a logo, which was declared as »infantile« by the magazine »Spiegel«. Three years to the upcoming world championship as a symbol of being ridiculous is not a positive sign. Nobody can suffer that. We do not have to take revenge in advance for the eventuality that Germany does not become world’s champion. We do not want a ridiculous but nice world championship. From the beginning on.

Eleven designer for Germany.
Basic idea is, that eleven design agencies will take up the challenge together as well as against each other. Every agency presents a proposal for a world championship logo. A small sportive event for its own – and for a positive purpose. The world championship wins: attention and sympathy. Date and location will be fixed later. Probably 15th of March in Berlin. For the case press would like to interfere, they will be welcome. We might have a common event. After all we have a common goal: The world championship 2006 in Germany has to be positioned under a good sign from the beginning on.